Boston Celtics: Los Angeles Clippers Recap

The Boston Celtics are one of the most formidable teams in the Eastern Conference, and we know this due to the fact that they currently hold the second seed in the East.

With Isaiah Thomas’ emergence as a superstar talent on the offensive end, the Celtics have become accustomed to late game comebacks and stellar offensive displays throughout the game from the little guy.

However, things seemed to take a turn for the worst on Monday as the Celtics fell to the Clippers due to the electric play of guard Jamaal Crawford, who burned the Celtics during the second half of the game.

Crawford, one of the best sixth men to ever play the game, seemingly picked apart the Celtics with 19 points (17 of them coming in the second half of the game), while Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, and Chris Paul combined for 64 points overall.

Thomas, who was clearly confused with the less than ideal line-ups Celtics coach Brad Stevens employed in crucial moments during the game, vented about the ‘experimenting’ the Celtics were trying to do so late into the season.

“We should have won this game,” Thomas offered to reporters after the game. “We should have won last night. We can’t be experimenting in Game 63.”

Thomas, who was probably referring to some of the lineups which included young guard James Young, probably has a point in that aspect. As much as most people want to see Young succeed, he simply does not bring the level of play you expect from a sharpshooting professional. Although his level of play has definitely improved from early on in the season, I don’t think Young can provide the Celtics with the shooting they desperately need now, as it will take some time for Young to really find himself in this league and understand what his game is all about. The Celtics need shooting now, and they won’t find it in James Young.

The Celtics will split the season series with the Clippers at 1-1, and will look to face the Golden State Warriors tonight at 10:30 (ET).

The Warriors, who are coming off back to back wins against the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks, are playing about as well as expected without Kevin Durant, but the Celtics should be a big test to how dominant this team can still be without one of their best players at their disposal.


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