Dude what if the Celtics drafted Przemek Karnowski

The Celtics are once again upon the top teams in the Eastern Conference, perhaps even the NBA. If you want to check out some of the different scenarios I wrote could happen during the offseason, click here.

While the Celtics have been keeping up with their lead on the Cavaliers with a road win against the Knicks, their rebounding has been a consistent issue that could give them trouble once the playoffs rolled around. Also, gone are the days where the Celtics main offense came out of post scoring, as the team has decided instead in a run and gun approach that includes a lot of three pointers.

But what if the Celtics decided to address their rebounding and post-play issues through the second round of the draft by drafting a polish giant, and former teammate of Kelly Olynyk?

Przemek Karnowski checks in at 23 years of age, and measures a massive 7’1 300 pounds. He currently plays for the Gonzaga Bulldogs who are headed to an exciting NCAA Finals against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Karnowski, a physical presence in the paint, is relatively large compared to a lot of the big men that are currently in the league. His main positive attribute, which he can contribute to the Celtics right away, is good rebounding and a scoring presence when they need it down low.

However, should the Celtics take a look at Karnowski, it would be imperative of them to take a look at how his medical situation is going, as he underwent surgery to repair some problems in his back and is currently not allowed to engage in basketball activities outside of Bulldog’ games and practices.

Karnowski’s first season on the Gonzaga team was interesting just because he played behind Kelly Olynyk, who was considered to be a lottery stretch big. This positively drove Karnowski, and now the big man is also a centerpiece for that basketball program.

Perhaps the Celtics could pair Karnowski with guys like Abdel Nader and Antic Zizic off the bench, forming a potent, rebounding squad off the bench that could take away some pressure from guys like Horford and Amir Johnson once the new season rolls around.

Gonzaga center Przemek Karnowski (24) and his beard warming up in a Gonzaga Bulldog’s regular season practice. (AP Photo)

Karnowski could also be a reliable post scorer, given his impressive stature and bulky frame. He would also quickly become a fan favorite in Boston, as he carries around what could be one of the most impressive beards to come into the NBA as of late.

If there is one thing that makes me even more interested in this polish giant, it’s the fact that he is constantly asking for the ball down low. It seems he is more interested in constantly scoring than anything else, even though he should be focused on rebounding and protecting the paint as well.

This makes Karnowski an interesting prospect, but also a dangerous one, as he is very offensive minded and is often times caught staying in the paint for longer than 3 seconds (even though the refs don’t seem to call it too often).

Bottom line is the Celtics should definitely take a look at a guy like Karnowski with their second round pick, as he would probably be able to contribute right away with a small role off the bench as a rebounding/scoring specialist.

Let me know what you guys think of “The Polish Shaq”, and I hope to update this post should Gonzaga come out victorious tonight.


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