About Me

Hello Celtics fan,

My name is Mateo, and much like you I am fond of the greatest franchise in the history of basketball: The Boston Celtics.

The Celtics have been a huge part of my life ever since I moved to the United States, and I have always loved to talk about the players and the team’s development. This blog was initially created in my Internet Journalism class, but has quickly become my means of interacting with the greatest fanbase in the world.

My hope is that one day, with hard work and dedication, this blog can turn into a community of many voices. For now, however, I am content sharing some of my imaginative thinking and criticism (Let’s not forget this is Boston we are talking about after all).

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, kindly send an email to the following address with your inquiry. Make sure to check back and see what else is new with the page every so often. Thanks so much for helping me grow and develop as a journalist.

Contact: mateo.aycardi@outlook.com

Follow me on Twitter: @MateoAyy

Notice: (2/7/18) I have accepted a writing position as contributor for Hardwood Houdini, a Fansided-based page covering all things Celtics. As such, I will be posting some material there and taking a temporary break from my pride and joy of a blog. 

Make sure to check out the site at: HardwoodHoudini.com